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Left my 11pm-7am job (40 mins out of town) to head home and change clothes for my 8am-4pm job, with just enough time to kiss Data good morning and leave. I have not slept since Wednesday. This is what running on fumes feels like.

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fucking overnight shiftsssss
what even is sleep

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i can’t remember the last time i had a message in my inbox

you guys should ask me things

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let it be known
if i die
it was an accident

the world
did not win

Posted on 14th Mar at 3:27 PM

Story idea: young, orphaned werewolf girl (lycanthrope, infection-based) is found and mentored by a centuries-old, werewolf guy (shapeshifter, pack-based) and together they fight against a world of monsters and hunters.

He helps her tame and control her wolf form, and she helps him find and come to terms with his pack. The Elders and hunters both want her dead, other lycanthropes want her to join their chaotic regime, but she just wants to help people. And he wants her to enjoy the childhood he never could.

Also: being a shapeshifter, his wolf is a completely sentient spirit with its own personality within his mind.. and it’s female (genderfluid characters fuck yea). Her wolf takes form of a rabid caged beast in her mind whose cage opens every full moon. Lots of dialogue takes place in their respective “mind palaces”

Posted on 8th Mar at 1:09 PM

all of my exes are getting married

what is happening

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Posted on 8th Feb at 6:52 PM, with 1 note

The Fermentation Lounge is by far the coolest bar I’ve been to in a long while. I’m really starting to like this city

Posted on 7th Feb at 11:29 PM

Hanging out in Tallahassee for the weekend with Data and Carson, meeting all their friends

How are there so many people on the road this late does this damn city never sleep

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just gave avery her first real bath

she fought valiantly

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Me: You are getting ALL the kisses tonight.
Kelli: Yay, monopolization of kisses!
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The Doctor has regenerated and I am not okay.

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Extroverts may give introverts a lot of shit for “not being social enough” or “always staying home,” but god dammit you guys don’t get enough credit from us extroverts. You’re mentally/emotionally self-sufficient. We actually need social interaction. I can’t go 24 hours without someone’s company before I actually have an anxiety attack. I will go out of my way to sleep on my best friend’s couch when I have a perfectly good bed at home. All you need is a book or music or the internet and you’re fine.

Introverts don’t need to “be more social”, we extroverts need to learn how be alone.

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had thanksgiving lunch at my parents house when my little brother showed up out of nowhere (he’s supposed to be in north carolina doing military shit) and had an awesome meal, passed out on the couch, woke up with all my siblings gone and dr phil playing on the tv, went home, sat in my room for hours alone, said fuck it and got whataburger and ate it on the way back home. now i’m sitting in my car in front of the house with everything off, having another crippling existential crisis.

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